Koyoso LED Bulbs

Koyoso LED Headlight Bulbs

Koyoso LED headlight bulbs are the brightest LED bulbs on the market, made using superior ETI chipsets. Koyoso lamps have a very reasonable price and high quality. Koyoso lamps have a high level of brightness: 20,000 lm per pair in the premium configuration.

Koyoso LED headlamps to have almost the same output as traditional halogen lamps, but are 3 times brighter and 5 times brighter than old incandescent bulbs, have an IP68 waterproof rating and provide stable performance in all conditions. The Koyoso lamp has a colour temperature of 6500 K, which corresponds to a pleasant white colour (with a slight tint of blue).

Compared to standard halogen lamps, Koyoso LEDs are up to 3 times brighter than conventional bulbs. Another great thing about Koyoso is that it has a well-focused beam.

Benefits of LED bulbs for cars

An LED bulb is a light source that is formed by the property of a semiconductor to glow when an electric current is passed through it. The light itself is quite weak, so a special substance called phosphor is used to increase the brightness. It is poured semiconductor, and we see it on the LED lamp in yellow.

LED bulbs designed for installation in headlights, there are several important features that it is advisable to know. Firstly, unlike the filament, the LED element does not emit light in all directions, but in a fairly narrow sector. Secondly, it is a misconception that halogens are necessarily yellow light and LEDs are white.

In fact, the colour of the glow does not depend on the technology, but on how the lamp itself is made. For example, to shift the colour spectrum of a halogen bulb from yellow to white or bluish, it is sufficient to apply a bulb of the appropriate colour, which will work as a filter for the luminous flux. This allows a halogen bulb to produce a light that is close to white rather than yellow.

In the case of LEDs, the colour of the light is quite simply changed by selecting a phosphor. It is because of this there are both LED lamps that emit white or cool light and glow with warm or yellowish hues.

LED bulbs are brighter than halogen bulbs, LED bulbs of a certain wattage to give a brighter light than halogen of the same wattage. This point is important because many switches (or want to switch) from halogen to LED just to brighten the headlights.

However, the brightness in headlamps is far from being the most important parameter influencing the quality of illumination of the road. Much more important parameters are the light and shade borders and colour spectrum.

Benefits of Koyoso LED lamps

Koyoso lamps have a high-tech cooling system: the double-sided heat dissipation, aircraft-grade aluminium housing quickly dissipates the heat generated by the LED chips. Koyoso lamps have up to 100% higher cooling efficiency than conventional LED lamps. This gives Koyoso lamps a well-focused beam pattern with no fog, resulting in a bright, fully directional light beam.

Perfect light pattern: 1:1 the same light position as a standard halogen bulb guarantees a perfect beam at low and high temperatures without any shadows or glare for oncoming drivers or passers-by. A detachable and 360°-adjustable adapter allows the right light beam to be received in every situation.

Koyoso LED Bulbs Specifications

Koyoso produces high quality LED headlight bulbs in different sizes which fit in all popular cars. Koyoso has a light output of 10,000 lm per bulb and 20,000 lm per pair.

All Koyoso automotive bulbs have a pleasant cool white light, with a light temperature of 6000 Kelvin. Koyoso LED bulbs have a very high wattage that far surpasses other brands: 120 watts per pair or 60 watts per bulb.

An upgraded cooling driver with CanBUS LED Koyoso lamps makes it compatible with 99% of vehicles without computer system error problems.

The 10,000 rpm turbofan provides excellent cooling capacity so the LED lamps work perfectly at different temperatures. The aircraft-grade aluminium profile as a heat sink, fast heat dissipation and built-in intelligent IC temperature control system provides the best protection against overheating and ensure that the headlights give up to 55,000 hours of operation.

Koyoso LED Bulbs Installation

Koyoso LED headlight bulbs are often chosen as a replacement for the standard halogen light source. The Koyoso LED bulbs are quick and easy to install in just 10 minutes. They are Plug and Play and CAN bus-Ready, which ensures that Koyoso lamps are compatible with 99% of modern cars. Koyoso LED bulbs must have the same base as the standard halogen bulb in your car.

In order to get a better and brighter diode light for your headlamp, simply unscrew the bulb that was previously installed and put a new Koyoso LED bulb in its place. On most cars, the halogen bulbs are fitted through an adapter or socket adapter. A special CAN-bus adapter, which is included with the bulb, must be used to install the diode bulb.

Koyoso LED Bulb H1 20000LM

Koyoso LED Bulb H1 20000LM

Koyoso LED Bulb H4 20000LM

Koyoso LED Bulb H4 20000LM

Koyoso LED Bulb H7 20000LM

Koyoso LED Bulb H7 20000LM

Koyoso LED Bulb H11 (H8, H9) 20000LM

Koyoso LED Bulb H11 20000LM

Koyoso LED Bulb 9005 (HB3) 20000LM

Koyoso LED Bulb 9005 HB3 20000LM

Koyoso LED Bulb 9006 (HB4) 20000LM

Koyoso LED Bulb 9006 HB4 20000LM

Koyoso LED Bulb 9012 (HIR2) 20000LM

Koyoso LED Bulb 9012HIR2 20000LM

  • H1
  • H4 (HB2, 9003)
  • H7
  • H11 (H9, H8)
  • Н13 (9008)
  • H15
  • Н16
  • HB1 (9004)
  • HB3 (9005)
  • HB4 (9006)
  • HB5 (9007)
  • HIR2 (9012)

Which LED light should I choose?

For low beams in the headlights of most modern cars, lamps with H7 and H11 sockets are responsible. Sometimes HB3, HB4 lamps may be used. In order to determine what type of bulb is used in the car, you need to remove the old bulb, find this information in the owner’s manual of the car or find the bulb size on the internet, just enter the query: “find headlight bulb for car”.

LED headlight bulbs with low and high beam

Universal LED headlight bulbs are fitted with an H4 fixture and can combine LEDs for low and high beams. Some headlamp optics can be designed to match the size of incandescent bulbs, so choose bulbs that are as close in size as possible to traditional halogen bulbs.

When selecting an LED bulb you need to consider:

  • The power of the lamp (at least 12 watts)
  • Luminous flux of the lamp – more than 5000 LM
  • Colour temperature of the lamp – 5000 to 6000 K
  • The wattage of at least 20W with a light output of at least 100 Lm/W

LED Bulbs Koyoso Reviews

Car owners who have used Koyoso bulbs say that the bulbs have a long life, have a bright beam, a nice cool white light and a good range of the bulb. This makes Koyoso lamps the most popular bulbs on the market that you can buy. Buy Koyoso LED bulbs and enjoy bright white light on the road when travelling in your car.