Koyoso LED Bulb H7 20000LM

Koyoso LED Bulb H7 20000LM

Koyoso H7 20000LM headlamps: the brightest automotive headlamps on the market. They have a high luminous flux, a pleasantly bright white light and a long life cycle.

Koyoso LED Bulb H7 20000LM

Technical specifications:

  • 20,000 LM (pair)
  • 60W (lamp)
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Brightness: 6000 K (cool white light)
  • Lifetime up to 55,000 hours


  • Multifunction halogen lamps
  • High power CSP premium LEDs
  • The energy-saving light source

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 H7 LED bulbs
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 contact card

Koyoso LED Bulb H7 20000LM Reviews

The Koyoso H7 20000LM LED bulbs have received a lot of positive feedback from various vehicle owners.

Users note that the bulbs are very well protected, very easy to install, fit perfectly into the headlight and there is no need to change the cover or drill it. The Koyoso H7 20000LM bulbs have a bright white and powerful light and really illuminate the road.

Koyoso LED Bulb H7 20000LM Installation Instructions

  • Remove the headlamp cover, disconnect the bulb holder from the bulb. Unhook the metal brackets that fix the bulb in the headlamp. Next, the standard H7 halogen bulb must be removed.
  • Remove the base adapter from the H7 LED bulb. To do this, press the adapter slightly and turn it anticlockwise as far as it will go.
  • Insert the H7 adaptor into the headlamp and fix it with metal clips, similarly to the original bulb.
  • Insert the LED lamp into the fixed H7 base adaptor, press the lamp slightly and turn it clockwise to lock. The H7 lamp is now fully reassembled.
  • Plug the H7 bulb connector into the power socket.
  • Switch on the H7 bulb and check that it works.
  • Remove the connected bulb holder and bulb driver inside the headlamp.
  • Close the headlamp with the original cover.
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